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Surf photography involves so much more than just capturing the right wave at the right time.

Surfing in itself is an art form, meaning you are not only trying to capture a wave or surfer but the feeling and passion that goes with it. Using the light, waves and surroundings to create and convey the entirety of a moment in one image is what makes surf photography so special.

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Film has many differences to digital and comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Intense colours, fine details and minute differences in light come together to create an image that tells a story.

The ability to fine tune settings without artificial input takes years of practice to develop giving film an addictive unpredictability. Film creates desire to learn, forces creativity and evokes a feeling digital simply cannot replicate.

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Personal Projects

Alongside professional photography and working with clients, I also enjoy working on a variety of personal projects to help me develop skills and further my passion. Being creative and choosing my own specific subjects to photograph helps me reconnect with my love for being behind the camera.

Photographing and writing about our environment, shapers, artists, and individuals allows me to express myself through the photos I take whilst learning about culture, my surroundings and the people that inspire me.

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Clients and Events

I can also work with clients to photograph all areas of an event they have organised. As well as events, I also provide the service of establishment photography (e.g. Restaurants, Cafés, Shops etc.).

These types of photography often tell a story from the clients perspective. It's always a pleasure to be requested to work for a client who's put on an event or opened up a new establishment.

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Marine Life

I have always been captivated by the natural beauty of the ocean, and my passion for marine photography has taken me on an incredible journey. Living on an island surrounded by the sea has given me a unique perspective on the power and wonder of the ocean.

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